Thursday, April 30, 2015

Z is for ZOMBIELAND and The Mask of ZORRO



This is it Z! Thanks to all who have been so kind to visit and share here and in Defining ways. So for Z I am choosing two and cheating with one....   Zombieland is a huge movie in our home. Our teen son loves it and so little by little we got used to Zombies and Zombie violence, even watching some Walking Dead when he got into it (thank goodness that was short lived)  but ZORRO... that was the last movie I saw in 1998 with my huge pregnant belly about 48 hours before I gave birth to my one and only child.


The theme is after all movies that have impacted me for better or worse, I had a few contractions during the film itself, I guess they are like pre labor warnings. It is of course a film that will always put a huge smile on my face and remind me of the love and anticipation I felt in the summer of 1998.

Do you have kids? Is there a movie you identify with for such an unconnected reason?


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