Thursday, May 28, 2015

GUEST POST on LOVE by Broken Survivor author Jennifer Labelle ~ Blog Tour Stop

 Today I was asked to write about the first time I fell in love. Now when I was younger it would probably have been hard to decide because honestly I probably thought I was in love with every boyfriend I had at the time. *Sigh* to be young and naïve again. J
But, truthfully they were mere crushes, and not even a fraction of what I felt for them even compares to how I feel about my husband. Yeah, I know right? So cliché. The first time I fell in love truly was with the man I am now married too.
I was instantly attracted to him, and I know he felt the same, but I was also weary. I’d just gotten out of a bad relationship and I had a lot of personal issues to sort out so I tried to fight it because I was in such a bad place at the time. But, just when your aren’t looking for something it shows up whether you want it too or not, right?
My husband was persistent, and I obviously caved eventually. He was unlike anyone I’d ever met. So sweet, and supportive, good looking, had a good family, which I was lacking at the time, and he stuck by me when so many others didn’t. I’m not sure what it is he saw in me at the time, but I guess underneath all of that messed up he saw the good in me trying to fight for a better life. He helped pave my way.
When we met in 1995 we were both still teenagers. He stopped by the first time on a day I wasn’t feeling well and had just gotten up from a nap. I looked horrible, literally. My hair was tangled, make-up smeared, and I probably had dry drool stuck to my face, and there he was all 5’9 inches of him, dark haired, brown eyed, muscular hotness standing there by the door talking to my foster dad. Naturally I tried to make an escape back into my room but got busted and was called over to be introduced.
Just my luck, why is it when you look good there is nobody around, but the moment you look your worst you see everyone and anyone? LOL
Anyway, from there everyone we mutually knew tried setting us up, but I wasn’t ready and we started out as friends. A few months later, a lot of time spent hanging out, and several romantic gestures on his behalf and I was toast. The love bug had bit me hard and we’ve been together ever since. It’s now been 20 years total, with 10 years of marriage, three beautiful kids later, and still going strong…
Now here is a little about my newest novel, Broken Survivor. It’s based on true events and is especially close to my heart as I can relate to my main character Holly and all of the struggles she’s had to face. Now please note I said it was based on true events, not exactly a true story. There is a difference and I’ll try to explain. The murder actually happened the way it was stated in the book, and I can relate to Holly as I too had an abusive father, had struggles getting over the death of my mother, and going through foster care etc. but not all of the plot is fact, there is fiction in there as well, hence the ‘true events’ wording.  This book was very healing for me to write, as I got to say my final goodbye to my own mother through it. But, I also love the happily ever after ending and the amazing romance that develops between Holly and Zander throughout the novel as well.

Holly Hewitt is a survivor…

After witnessing her mother’s murder, Holly was returned to her abusive father. Resorting to drugs and alcohol, she ends up landing herself in foster care, where she is separated from her sister and utterly alone.

Zander Harrison is the light to her darkness…

Zander is young, athletic, and carefree, with the support of a loving family. But when Holly is placed in foster care with his brother’s in-laws, she turns his world upside down.

He’s driven to protect her, and to show her the past has made her strong, life is worth living, and love is worth fighting for. If only he can convince her to trust him and stop resisting their mutual attraction.

But sometimes even love isn’t enough to heal a shattered soul.

And all the hard work in the world can’t save…

A broken survivor.


Jennifer Labelle resides in Canada with her husband and three beautiful children. After her third child she became a stay at home mom. In her busy household Jennifer likes to spend her down time engrossed in the stories that she creates. She is an active reader of romance, mystery and anything paranormal. With an education in Addictions work she's decided to take a less stressful approach in life and hopes that you enjoy, as she shares some of her imagination with all of you.



On Monday she’d just got back from seeing her apartment and couldn’t wait to tell Zander about it. He was excited for her and promised to take her out that night to celebrate.

“So tell me about it,” he said.

“It’s great and I can’t believe it’s mine. I mean it’s been so long since I’ve felt like this.” She laughed. “I’m sorry I’m rambling here. I should be describing it to you.”

He smiled at her. They were close to their destination and she wanted to stall for a few minutes before they made it to her sisters so she could tell him all about it and told him so. He’d gotten the cab to pull over a few blocks away so that they could enjoy little alone time as she’d asked and began to walk.

“So then tell me about it.” He sat at the curb and gestured for her to join him.

“Well, the building was constructed two years ago, and the apartment is spacious and everything is new.  There’s a small hallway right at the entrance, the bathroom is on the right at the end of it, and the bedroom on the left side of that. Then there is the living room, and a little farther in I’ll have my very own eat-in kitchen.” She smiled brightly and then laughed again. “I won’t even have to buy curtains, it’s all included. I’m so excited; you’ll have to see it.”

“I will. Will I?” He smiled. “Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are when your face lights up like that? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so excited about anything before. I like it, and I’d be honored to see your apartment. Just tell me when and where, and I’ll be there.” His fingers brushed the side of her face as she looked away and blushed. “Look at me.”

She smiled, then exhaled as she looked into those deep brown eyes again. “Beautiful,” he whispered and then drew her in closer for a kiss.

“No,” she whispered, interrupting him just before his lips were about join hers. She could feel his breath against her, and she chuckled at his expression.

“No, I can’t kiss you again?” He leaned back to look at her and raised a brow as if in disbelief.

“You asked if anyone has ever called me beautiful, and the answer is no. Yes to the kiss.”

“Then remind me to tell you as much as possible.” He leaned toward her again, closing the distance between them to give her a peck. He kissed her forehead and then her nose, moving from cheek to cheek before reaching her chin. “You’re beautiful, Holly.”

So close together, their breath mixed and noses brushed together until she slanted her head for better access. “Zander,” she whispered. Lifting her hand from her lap, she boldly placed it on his shoulder and then continued to trail lower to feel his muscular chest and abs. She bunched his shirt in her hand and pulled him the rest of the way. “I love the compliment, but please shut up and kiss me already.”

“My pleasu—” She cut him off by taking measures in her own hands, wanting less talking and more of him.  She coaxed his lips open with her tongue, sliding it against his as their wet warmth combined. Their tongues worked in synchronization and their mouths molded to welcome the building inferno they both held inside, waiting for just the right moment to be unleashed. Her chest rose and fell rapidly when they separated, and she needed a minute to focus.



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