Saturday, June 20, 2015

Signs of the Tines by Joan Porte

Signs of the Tines Book CoverThe 295-page book with more than 120 recipes is written to celebrate a unique pairing of food and astrology.
Discover why:
Scorpios have a craving for pasta puttanesca
Librans feel grounded when they dig into a chocolate mousse parfait
Cancerians stand tall with their bowl of Brunswick stew
Virgoans set aside their healthy-conscious habits when faced with chocolate raspberry ramekins
Aquarians respond to the sustainable fish used in Pollock with berry prosecco sauce
Pisceans beat a common ailment when feasting on quinoa with roasted root veggies.
"These recipes are taken from a number of sources; some are family gems, others I've concocted and tweaked over the years," says author Joan Porte.
The home cook will discover how astrology as a source for new food ideas and new ways to entertain friends. And the astrology enthusiast will discover how cooking can be a new use for astrology as a way to add more meaning to the daily ritual of eating we perform to survive and thrive.
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Signs of the Tines Book Cover
 A new breed of cookbook that combines personal astrology with a love for preparing and sharing delicious meals. Astrologer and gastronome Joan Porte brings a new, fun twist to cooking by showing anyone who loves to cook how to personalize a menu for your family and friends. Beautiful photographs complement the more than 120 featured recipes organized by zodiac sign. Choose a dish or plan a multi-course meal with selections from: Appetizers, Soups, Pasta, Veggies & Fruit, Meat & Fish, and Dessert for each of the twelve signs. SIGNS OF THE TINES is a heart-warming and mouth-watering invitation to eat in alignment with our stars! -- Adam Gainsburg / Soulsign
 "Signs of the Tines"