Thursday, July 9, 2015

Turning Tantrums Into Triumphs

#1 Amazon Best-Seller in Parenting Toddlers
Discover how today's brain research can help parents stop temper tantrums.
By following the step-by-step instructions, parents can make terrible-twos terrific.
Give your child the gift of emotional self control now!

Toddler tantrums can happen anywhere at any time. At home, at a restaurant, at the grocery store and even during a White House visit to see the President! They can be sudden and fierce like a summer storm. One minute you and your child are enjoying your meal together. The next minute she's whimpering because you cut her chicken into small pieces but she wants to eat the whole piece by herself. But today's brain research can help parents stop temper tantrums. This #1 Amazon Bestseller in Parenting Toddlers provides step-by-step instructions for parents to teach their children emotion regulation. Give your child the gift of emotional self-control today.

Author Bio: 
One of the most important and yet underrated jobs in this world is the one Pamela Li holds most dear - being a mother. The mother of a precious daughter, Pamela is a former internet entrepreneur and executive who left it all behind to become a fulltime mom. 
Like all parents, Pamela desires to provide her child with the best upbringing possible. Also like all parents, she was bombarded by parenting advice from other parents and non-parents. She was heartbroken when she followed some of the seemingly legitimate advice and saw her daughter suffer from it. So she set out to study evidence-based parenting practices.
Pamela began blogging to share her experience and make her parenting discoveries easily accessible for others. Leveraging her extensive academic background (with degrees from Harvard, Stanford and McGill), she meticulously searched through scientific literature and clinical studies to uncover the latest findings on parenting and child brain development. She is passionate about bringing straightforward science-based advice to other parents.
Pamela was born and raised in Hong Kong. Her native language is Cantonese and she is fluent in English. She currently resides with her daughter, husband, and toy poodle in San Francisco Bay Area.

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