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Defined by Others
Catalina Egan (MCV)
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A word, a single word defines a moment for Anne. She needs to find a new one when her spouse leaves her at the age of 47, coming out of the closet literally in a closet. She finds herself back in her hometown amongst her high school friends which she left behind in her past.

An inheritance from a friend leaves her with the means to meddle and spy on the lives of some of their mutual acquaintances. In an attempt to run from her reality Anne gets engrossed in a game of "fun" and "flirtation" with her friend and fellow sufferer Connie at her side. Anne however did not read all the files and what to her is fun games turns into a deadly reality. It is no longer a game.

Life, death and not even a defining word can stop the reality of manipulation.

Jenny Bynum's Review
I am a YA Paranormal Reader, but from time to time, I have a tendency to step out of that comfort zone and read other genres and when it comes to MCV Egan, I jump to read her work as she releases it.

This story has as many layers as an onion. I am completely shocked at the 365 degree turn that this author as taken in writing this story compared to her other works that I have read. I really enjoyed the twisted plot and some of the humor that was built into this story. The characters are phenomenal and the book is very well written. I highly recommend reading this book and I know you will be just as addicted to this author's unique writing style as I am. I am anxious to read what this author has next in store for us.

The author provided me with a Paperback copy of the book for review purposes only. No remuneration was exchanged.

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