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The Island Series by Rie Anders Genre: Contemporary Romance


  • How did you come up with the name of this book?

The story of Julie Hunter was not originally planned. When I wrote ‘Pavey Boulevard’, the first in the Island Series, it was supposed to be a standalone novel. The vision for that story was so clear to me, the words so strong in my mind. I was thrilled to have it published. As the first book unfolded, I realized there was a much deeper story to Julie. Looking back at the storyline now, and then throughout ‘On Island’, the second in the series, I saw I was building her story all along. It was unintentional at first, but then opportunities in the development of the first two started presenting themselves for me. I couldn’t resist the chance to lay the foundation of incredible growth and maturation for Julie.

 When Julie’s story begins in ‘Hunter’s Moon’, I wanted her to be tired. I wanted her to be ready for more, and yet still conflicted. She has never really processed what happened to her, nor has anyone ever challenged her to be anything different. On a superficial level, she is still seen as the island party girl. Those around her are waiting for the moment when she finally lets go.

 For Julie, the sacrifice has to be extraordinary. It has to force her to give up control. When everything is at stake, she finds the determination to dig deep and let everything go. I believe that in opening her heart and her soul, she makes a decision that is true and honest and really culminates her transformation.

 I read a poem called ‘The Promise of a Hunter’s Moon’ and it felt serendipitous that it should be the name of the story. A Hunters Moon is supposed to be a time of cleansing; of starting over. And that is exactly what Julie does.


  • What is your favorite part of this book and why?

 I would love to tell you that, but I can’t…it would give away the best part. What I can say about it, is that it is so classically Julie that you will be laughing, and rolling your eyes at the same time. The scene was so much more than her actions. It was about knowing that your friends (you true friends), will understand, and love you, no matter what.


  • If you could spend time with a character from your book whom would it be? And what would you do during that day?

I would totally hang out with Mia Brooks from ‘Dear Santa, Define Good”. She is a kick-ass, world champion snowmobiler and yet, super fun, and sweet, and smart. I would love to go out into the mountains of Wyoming and sled all day long with her.


  • Are your characters based on real people or did they all come entirely from your imagination?

Some are, some aren’t. Ideas come to me all the time, sometimes in horribly inconvenient locations. I carry a notebook with me ALL THE TIME so that I don’t lose an idea. I have a story coming out in 2022 that is set in Kentucky during the lead up to the Kentucky Derby, and some of my characters are based on the people I met while on a recent research trip. It was fun to add people to the story that I hadn’t originally planned on. That is the best part about writing…I get to make stuff up. Full disclosure? Jason in the Island Trilogy is based on a boyfriend I had. I never intended his fate when I wrote the story, and I remember writing that scene on an airplane, crying. My daughter was sitting next to me at the time, and she poked me asking, “What’s the matter?” I hadn’t even realized I was crying. That was kind of cathartic for me.


Pavey Boulevard
Island Series Book 1
by Rie Anders
Genre: Contemporary Romance

When Shaye dropped out of college mid-semester, and moved to Lopez Island for the summer, she’d hoped to figure out what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. Instead, she reconnects with childhood friends Jason and Nick, and good intentions spiral into harrowing confrontations. The summer ends in tragedy and Shaye flees the Island, haunted by her mistakes.

Eight years later, Shaye is forced to return to the place she’d hoped never to see again. Now, she must face the people, and the pain she left behind. She must confront the person she was, and decide who she will become. Can Shaye forgive herself enough to let the past go, and let love in?

On Island
Island Series Book 2

Growing up on Island the sister of Nick and Jason Reid was not easy when it came to dating. All the guys looked at her as a sister and the island's darling daughter. Evie runs the bakery and when her brother hires Attorney, Ethan Archer, to run the Island office, she thinks he is going to be just another friend.

Ethan is a cowboy at heart and a gentleman. Not wanting to ruin his career and his friendship with his boss, he steers clear of a romantic attachment to Evie. But their friendship grows until one night they cross the line and change their friendship forever. As their relationship begins to grow the past comes back to haunt Ethan and could destroy another relationship for Evie.

"This book is so incredibly moving, and quite honestly, there are parts that are, just laugh out loud, righteously hilarious. Evie Reid is kind and good, and loving, and Ethan has to be the sexiest man alive. Not only is this a beautiful story of love and family, but holy smokes, Ethan and Evie are so sexy." - Chelsey S.

"Can I please just move in next door to these people? In this second book, Anders builds on the relationships of all the characters from her first novel and introduces us to some incredible new additions to the story. Her ability to weave them in, and make you fall in love with them, is extraordinary. Find a couple of hours to yourself, because you won't be able to put it down." Lisa L.

Hunters Moon
Island Series Book 3

From a young age, Julie Hunter had her whole life planned. She would inherit her parents' vineyard and live happily ever with her childhood sweetheart, her first and forever love. When he dies, however, her dreams die with him. She retreats within herself, burying her wounds under a facade of hedonism and debauchery.

Over the years, her friends have come to accept her sometimes crass behavior. But as Julie matures, she tires of the act. When she inherits the vineyard, she decides to chase her dreams on her own and develop the property into a world class resort.

Enter Dax Bentley, a prominent Seattle investor. She finds herself drawn to his sleek, polished demeanor.  But her construction manager, Riley Johnson, challenges her motives. He forces her to examine her feelings, and her true self.

Julie, Riley, and Dax find themselves grappling with a history of lost loves and past resentments. With the future of her resort at stake, Julie must learn that sometimes you have to let go of that which is most precious to get what your heart desires.

Rie grew up in the Pacific Northwest and spent her summers as a child in the San Juan Islands.
"Pavey Boulevard", released in 2018, is the story of Shaye Richards & Nick Reid, and is the first in the Island Series. The second in the series, "On Island", released in May, 2019, continues the saga with Evie Reid, the sister of Nick, and her love story with Ethan Archer.
Rie currently lives in Texas with her family and returns home to the Pacific Northwest as often as she can.

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