Thursday, March 11, 2021

Casket Case The Cynthia Shade Mysteries Book 1 by Lee James Genre: Cozy Mystery


A smirk, a smile, a twisted sense of humor. A beautiful soul shadowed in insecurity. I'm not sure when I first met Cynthia. Was it a quick laugh I heard in the grocery aisle? Or when that food truck I spent my life savings on popped out of gear and chased me down the street? Yes, that actually happened to me. Cynthia Shade is a component, a quilt made of many facets of me and others. She believes in doing the right thing no matter what, and sometimes doing the right thing actually means being true to yourself.

Cynthia Shade. That's her name. She has ADHD and cynophobia. That's just a fancy way of saying she's terrified of dogs. Not all dogs mind you, just the tiny ones that come at you with their razor-sharp fangs and frenzied eyes. To make it worse, she can't find a job, rather, she can't keep a job, and she's about to be evicted. Just when she gets a glimmer of hope she's blackmailed into trying to solve a murder.
Cue the handsome sheriff who awakens real interest in perpetually single Cynthia, and a cast of crazed suspects. One of whom is determined she doesn't make it out of this adventure alive.

Lee James writes stories of hope and redemption. Whether it's fantasy, mystery or historical fiction, her beautifully awkward characters traverse a dark labyrinth on their journey to a hopeful end. She is vehement about the importance of creating and preserving the sanctity of the written word. In that vein, she supports literacy programs and her local libraries. Most importantly, she supports her fellow writers. When not writing, she enjoys photography, watching The Simpsons, and of course, reading.

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