Friday, November 1, 2013

ALEC HAWKES ~~~~ If Brains Were Dynamite ~~~~

FIVE STARS ***** First of all let me say that "If Brains Were Dynamite" is very well written (which I don't believe I've said about any other book I've ever reviewed) and was a pure pleasure to read. As a political satire, this book has been long overdue, and Hawkes' take on the political scene in the UK can be played out in virtually every other country in the world that adheres to 'democratic' principles. Interspersed with laughter over the bizarre antics of those involved, I found myself nodding along in agreement to the more telling points the author made, and saying "Damn right!" to myself, again and again.
To write a satire, I think first of all you have to be angry and fed up, and I think that came through rather well in this book, even though so much of it was couched in rib-tickling humour. But the anger isn't just a mindless rant - it bleeds to the surface and makes you realize that, in spite of all the tongue-in-cheek, this is a very serious book, and very intelligently written indeed! Bravo, Mr. Hawkes! No problem getting five stars from me!

C. W. Lovatt - author of "The Adventures of Charlie Smithers"

Image of Alec HawkesMy name is Alec Hawkes, an English chap with a rather good sense of humour. I am in my early 50's, and have had no formal training whatsoever in how to write. That is, of course, since my school days. However, I love to read and I love to write. My writing style is all mine. My day job is a night job, for I am part of a nearly extinct species, the dear old milkman, unique - I do believe - to Britain. Please correct me if I am wrong. I have a deep affection for comedy, irony, satire, and anything that raises a chuckle or deep belly laugh, or even merely an eyebrow. My own books - two so far, with more to come - are satirical swipes at the political and banking systems in Britain. I am told that many a chuckle and raised eyebrow come from reading my books. My third, which I am working on now, will have a more international feel as I have a 'pop' at many more politicians. All in fun, of course, though with a serious underlying message for the buggers to TELL THE TRUTH!

Image of Alec Hawkes

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