Monday, December 2, 2013

Grace Vs Obedience by PAUL KASCH

Paul Kasch has released a new book, Grace vs. Obedience. Christians often struggle with a sorrowful realization of our inadequacy, especially when we encounter the New Testament passages that speak of obedience. And for good reason! This is something we all fail miserably at, despite our best intentions. Jesus himself said: “Not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord will in enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but only those who do the will of my Father in heaven.” How secure are you in your salvation after reading the above verse? If your answer is anything less than 100% secure, you probably don’t have a proper grasp of God’s grace as revealed in the New Testament – where we find many wonderful passages assuring us that belief and faith in Christ alone has sealed our eternal life …but only so long as we choose to remain in Christ. But if we are capable of choosing to leave the faith, how is it we are sealed? And what about exaltation in the afterlife? Is hope of reward proper (or acceptable) motivation for wanting to perform good Christian works? In Paul Kasch’s latest work, he scripturally guides the malleable Christian around the circle of grace and obedience in an attempt to find a Biblically-based, peaceful resolution. The believer should come away from this book with a better understanding of the relationship between faith and works, and a glorious confidence in their relationship with Christ. This 18,000-word eBook has been professionally edited and specially formatted for all Kindle devices. We promise a smooth and enjoyable electronic reading experience, complete with a click-able table of contents. Download Grace vs. Obedience today and start mapping your way out of the Christian’s vicious circle.

Image of Paul Kasch

Paul Kasch writes Christian eBooks, most of them about applying Biblical concepts to modern-day living. He writes from an evangelical Christian viewpoint, incorporating the basic message of the gospel somewhere in most of his writings, since there is no point exploring Biblical applications or doctrinal issues if you are not saved. Paul believes that the Bible is the accurate, true, infallible Word of God in a literal sense - because, as he likes to say, if God is powerful enough to create the universe and all life, He is powerful enough to write a book. Christians will discover a hidden gem in this author, and should test-drive one of his books at their first opportunity.