Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for BEES

Basically for the A-Z I wanted happy subjects full of images of things I happen to like. Last year I kept a strictly historical theme and this year I just wanted to have fun with the challenge and perhaps along the way spotlight an author or artist I know
.I like BEES and I love the honey in my tea and bee wax candles. I wonder if we are hurting them by all the genetically modified food or by pesticides. I recently that Bees were not indigenous to North America, but of course when I tried to look it up I found a most impressive source which disagreed at so I guess I am doomed to worry again!  I figured if they were not originally from America if they disappear we will not be as affected at the four year doom accredited by some to Einstein .
I am fond of fictional bees as much as I am fond of the real ones. So of course I love the BEE Movie .  So Bring it on A-Z!