Saturday, April 12, 2014


It was KILLING me, I considered KILO vs. POUND but it all boiled down to multiply or divide by 2.2 and became a bore. I wanted KINDNESS and I still do but a post in the subject would just be to corny. Toyed with KINY but in the end this is a Family blog and then of course I wanted to blow a KISS but that too was a bit of a bore...and then I remembered a word I find beautiful KINETIC it is a word that I love and the principle thereof is best represented by a desk top toy I loved as a kid!
I loved swinging the pendulum and watching them clack! The ones in my home were simple like this.
These are so cool, but it might not be KINETIC

Here is the definition for you to decide. 

And the formula Happy A to Z and enjoy your free Sunday!