Monday, April 14, 2014

FAE The Wild Hunt by Graham Austin King ~ giveaway ~

Fairies... The Fae... The stuff of bedtime stories and nursery rhymes.

But sometimes the fairy tales are true. Sometimes they hold a warning...

For a hundred generations the Fae have been locked away from the world, in the cold, the Outside. They have faded out of sight and mind into myth and folklore, but now the barriers are weakening and they push against the tattered remnants of the wyrde as they seek a way to return.

As a new religion spreads across the world, sweeping the old ways and beliefs away before it, a warlike people look across the frozen ocean towards the shores of Anlan, hungry for new lands. War is coming, even as the wyrde of the Droos is fading.

Only by realising the truth lost in a child's tale will the world hope to withstand the wild hunt.


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