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*NEW * by Darden North, MD **WIGGLE ROOM **

Image of Darden NorthDarden North MD  , is the award-winning author of four medical thrillers, the latest WIGGLE ROOM. WIGGLE ROOM is a contemporary thriller set against the backdrop of the Iraqi war and the Deep South. Even though this work is fiction, the subject matter of WIGGLE ROOM was extensively researched though author interviews with a forensic pathologist, a police criminal investigator, and several physicians in the military.
Darden North is a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist who grew up in the Mississippi Delta and now lives in Jackson where he practices medicine. A graduate of Ole Miss and the University of Mississippi Medical Center, he is a certified DaVinci robotic surgeon and still delivers babies. North and his wife Sally have two children, as well as two dogs and a grand dog. Several years ago, he hung up his golf clubs for a laptop and began to write novels. In his spare time, he gardens, walks for exercise, reads fiction, enjoys his friends, and travels with his family.
North's first novel HOUSE CALL was awarded Finalist in Mystery/Suspense by the 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. His second novel POINTS OF ORIGIN was recognized in Southern Fiction by the 2007 Independent Publishers Book (IPPY) Awards. His third novel, FRESH FROZEN, is in film development by Frank Vitolo and Scott Alvaraz. FRESH FROZEN received Best Cover Design in the 2009 National Indie Excellence Awards and Finalist in Regional Fiction.

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Serving as an Air Force surgeon at the height of the Iraq War, Major Brad Cummins fails to save an injured soldier yet must mend the Iraqi national maimed in the same IED blast. He survives the medical tribunal’s inquest over the GI’s unexplained death but endures rigid criticism from his peers. Still blaming himself for losing the soldier after successful surgery, Brad is haunted by the Iraqi’s words: Maybe you should rethink what you really are.

Returning from deployment, Brad resumes surgical practice with his twin brother in Mississippi and soon discovers him shot to death in a suspected robbery. When he finds their name tags mistakenly switched, Brad cannot forget the anonymous text I will give you a little wiggle room and is certain that he was the intended target. Along with Brad’s fiancée, the police discount his fears as paranoia.

No one suspects the true motive: The rescued Iraqi wants Brad to die for saving his life, thus cheating him of martyrdom and honor in Allah’s eyes. However, there are others who seek death for Dr. Brad Cummins but for different reasons. Brad will never be safe until Dr. Diana Bratton, his new partner in the surgery clinic and growing love interest, pushes to uncover the truth.
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While Dr. Knox Chamblee struggles to build a medical practice, a nurse is found floating in a bloody bathtub, and his physician mentor falls to a frozen death. The suspect is Dr. Aslyn Hawes, whose jealousy of the victims cloaks her in suspicion. As the investigation unfolds and a psychotic killer plans to strike again, Chamblee's career is sabotaged by reverse sexual discrimination.
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After movie star Allyn Saxton survives a string of broken relationships, she enters a reproduction center to have a baby. Her plans of seclusion are misguided when an Internet spy breaks through the center’s security to steal her frozen embryos. But there is competition. A nearly-bankrupt policeman and his tormented wife are also patients, the wife so desperate for pregnancy that she plans to kill. Human reproductive tissue becomes a fatal commodity in "Fresh Frozen."
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Small southern towns are not always sleepy—particularly in Larkspur, Mississippi, where homes burst into flames and lives are destroyed. It is the suspicious death of a young woman that costs premiere plastic surgeon Dan Foxworth his surgical dynasty, his life, and that of his wife. Devastated by the loss of both parents and unable to meet a bitter grandfather's expectations, Sher Foxworth tries to save an elderly woman from her burning home. Suddenly the accidental hero, his life is turned upside down by disturbing twists of fate. To dig his way out, Sher makes a deal to wear a fireman’s hat and remains the hero. But it is the philandering, wealthy trial lawyer Cordell Pixler who collects the enemies. Many in the boiling southern town seek revenge against Pixler—some because of sex and some because of money—and it’s a race to see who nails him first. “Points of Origin” was awarded nationally in Southern Fiction by the Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards and is the second novel by Darden North. The audio book is narrated by Fred Wolinsky.

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