Sunday, November 11, 2012


Sarah Buchynski


FROM MUNGAI AND THE GOA CONSTRICTOR Guest Post: To Catch a Reader by Sarah Buchynski Author of


Today, I am supposed to write about something I am passionate about in life. However, what really is passion? I would like to think of it as something in one’s life that brings them great joy. So, what brings me great joy in life? There are many things, but I am going to focus on writing. More specifically, creating a piece of work that others will be entertained when exposed to it. While I am writing, I am thinking of many things at once. How can I write down the ideas that are swimming in my head to convey them to the reader without boring them to death? What would sound better: It was morning and it came fast. The sky was filled with many colours; or: It was now dawn and it had come swiftly. With it came swirls of pink and red clouds. The colours painted a beautiful canvas in the sky. Just for the sake of illustrating a point, the first quote is relatively dull. It does get the information across, but is it entertaining? Will the reader be entranced by the scenario, and does it allow them to “enter” the story? I personally think it would not. The second example has a bit more detail - this detail can help a reader see the story inside their minds as they are reading. For fiction works, I think that it is important to paint a picture inside the reader’s mind. Since I am passionate about entertaining people through my literature, this concept is a priority for me to incorporate into my work. To read more….  CLICK HERE

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