Monday, December 17, 2012

Addison Westlake making a difference for the people of Newtown

Addison Westlake, author of “Christmas in Wine Country”




So Honored to have Addison Westlake as our guest. Addison has found a way to help the families of last week's senseless events.
Thank you to the nearly 10,000 people who downloaded a copy of “Christmas in Wine Country” this weekend! I did a free 2-day promo and am so grateful that people heard about it and decided to take a look. It reached #24 on the Top 100 Free Best Sellers on Amazon. And that’s after two weeks as a top 20 paid bestseller in chick lit and humorous fiction.


When I self-published “Christmas in Wine Country” as an ebook on Amazon in mid-November, I didn’t expect much. I’d finished it over a year ago, but the literary agent who initially expressed interest ended up declining. I then did nothing with the book until the Sunday morning before Thanksgiving when my husband took the kids with him to the gym and I stayed home to wash the kitchen floor. Halfway through washing that floor, I jumped up and put my book up on Amazon instead. Mostly looking for a way to avoid housecleaning…


I expected my mom would read it. Add to that my mother-in-law and close girlfriends and I thought maybe I’d get 100 people to read my book. As of December 17th, 20,250 people have a copy! To anyone reading this who is also a writer—the largest portion of this has been achieved through successful free promo days on Kindle Direct Publishing. I highly recommend it—notify websites and Twitter accounts that promote free books and give it a try. And feel free to email me if you’d like more details on exactly who I contacted—happy to help if I can:


The popularity of “Christmas in Wine Country” has been a joyful and unexpected gift for our family. The best thing to do with a gift, of course, is pass along. Over the weekend while my husband and I were watching the numbers of copies my book downloaded go up, we were also—as was the rest of the country—grappling with the horrific news of the school shooting in Connecticut. I lack the words to express how deeply reeling in grief I am over this tragedy.


But I do have the proceeds from my book. Everything the book earns this year I’m going to donate to a charity helping the families of the school shooting victims. It’s not much; it’s just a self-published a 0.99 cent book. But this holiday season it will be how I express my gratitude and send love to all those dealing with such inconceivable loss. Thank you to Catalina Egan for hosting my guest blog post and for helping to get the word out. 
Christmas in Wine Country by Addison Westlake


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    1. Congrats on your success! I would love to know who you contacted to promote your free days. Please let me know :)