Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Magical Ventures of Loli and Lenny (Trumpets in the Wild)

A fantasy novella for children and middle grade Published by Flugel Publishing House, Essex, UK.

Description :
With global warming, animal poaching, deforestation, exploitation and crimes rising at an alarming rate the future of our planet looks very grim. An organisation that works secretly in the North Pole chooses eight-year-old Loli and her cousin Lenny to be a part of their mission. Mission to help and heal planet earth
Destined to be the saviours of our soon to be new age earth, Loli and Lenny’s only weapon against the deadly hazards is magic! And they must learn the craft very fast to save one of the most precious but endangered animals on this planet. From Ipads, tennis and school assignments to wands, cauldrons and powerful spells, their lives change forever.

“But why are they called the Paladins?” Loli asked curiously.
“A Paladin is a defender of a cause. He maybe a knight, a warrior or a champion known for his heroism or chivalry. . .”


magical ventures of loli and lenny picFantasy author Pratibha R DH believes that she has had this connection with the fairies right from the tender age of seven. The fairies in her world loved telling her stories about the fairy cosmos and their acquaintances – the dragons, unicorns, witches and the wizards. Her parents and siblings refused to believe her, so she promised the fairies that she would publish their stories one day and the world would know about them.
In course of time, to get respite from the endless goading from her parents and her teachers about how she must stop day dreaming, she enclosed all her stories in a sealed file. And then studied with a vengeance to pursue a master’s degree in Economics, a diploma in Computer Networking coupled with certifications from Cisco and Microsoft (MCSE, CCNA). Life became busy what with her job as a Content Specialist, when the bond with the fairies was revived again and she was reminded of her promise. From then onwards, her life was one balancing act with the major part of her work in the day consisting of content writing for websites, SEO copywriting, article writing, blogging and web designing, whereas by night she recommenced her childhood promise of writing about the fairy realm.
Some say that her novel “Magical Ventures of Loli and Lenny,” is roughly inspired by the real life accounts of the fairies. Rumour also has it that except for her two little boys, no one from her kin knows about this secret pact with the fairies. Not even her husband!

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