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Kenneth W. Cain author shares experiences ~ raising a child with food allergies with ~ NUT FREE ~


Kenneth W. Cain is the author of the SAGA OF I (THESE TRESPASSES, GRAVE REVELATIONS, RECKONING), THE DEAD CIVIL WAR,  the acclaimed short story collection THESE OLD TALES, and his latest short story collection FRESH CUT TALES. He lives with his wife and children in Eastern Pennsylvania.
He became interested in the art of storytelling at a young age, spending hours listening to his grandfather spin tales beside the light of a barrel fire in southern Illinois.  Darkness, fear, mystery, and a bit of the unknown were elements the old man wove into his stories that Kenneth relies on in his own tales.
He discovered his passion for dark fiction spending one too many graveyards shifts on-call for the local Pepperidge Farm cookie plant.  He immersed himself in a world full of books, late night television, and chronic nightmarish dreams, embracing his own fears through his writing and artwork. It intrigued him enough to study creative writing in college in order to hone his skills.
Before writing, Kenneth spent more than twenty sleepless years in the graphic design industry. Kenneth remains a loyal fan of the Cardinals (baseball and football), the 76er’s and the Flyers. He also does formatting and digital conversion work for various publications, including the Lovecraft eZine.
Kenneth’s deepest wish is to share his stories, to have them read. Perhaps his tales will bring you a chill or make you think twice about locking your front door. Either way, he is grateful for his dear readers and hopes you enjoy.

The Lifeblood Saga

Available from:
Amazon Kindle

Available from:
Amazon Kindle
A coming of age vampire story with a little bite.
Follow the tale of Lara and watch as she transitions from a shy young woman to a shameless vampire. Through her new transformation she begins to rediscover and understand herself. Being a vampire only empowers such a fate, and she embraces it with all of her being.
But Lara is soon tested. Her newfound lustful ways are shaken by the presence of a strange man. All she can imagine is being in his arms, as his woman. While Lowell is a strong man, the early stage of their relationship is further tested when young Millicent enters their lives.
Everything Lara once believed, her entire existence prior to being turned, is but an unsatisfying memory. Yet, now, with these additions to her life, she discovers herself unwilling to fully break with her humanity. She clings to it with every fiber of her being because of this unexpected love. But all love comes at a price, and Lara soon realizes that even with her power, she can be hurt and things can be taken from her.
Lara and Lowell must fight for their union, and battle strange enemies to protect their unusual family from dangers she does not yet fully comprehend. This woman who once struggled to fit in is now forced to face a reality where her emotions will define her future.
Find out what mysteries lay ahead for Lara and her friends in this ongoing novelette series.


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