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Author Toi Thomas has a magical and beautiful beginning to her love story and today we would love to hear yours....... Read below and if you wish share yours .......... so How Do You Woo? With Valentines right around the corner a great subject

Eternal Curse Release Week! Wednesday Blog Hop 2014 #howdoyouwoo

My first official date with my, now, husband ended with me going to the ER. What can I say, I really know how to turn the fellas on…at least I was memorable.
Honestly, my husband and I already had a bit of history before our first date. We were friends, so when I started to have breathing problems and needed medical attention, it was really more of a friend looking out for another, but for me, it was the sweetest thing. When I woke up groggy the next day, all neatly tucked into my bead, I was confused. Then I walked out into the hall and saw my date passed out on the couch. He had stayed the whole night to make sure I was ok. My husband has never disappointed me in the romance department and luckily for him, I’m not high maintenance. Tulips when he can get’em, chocolate anytime, comic books, action figures, a visit to the zoo, ice cream, and a fresh new pair of fuzzy socks; he knows how to romance me any day.
As for him, he also likes comic books and actions figures, as well as a home cooked meal, a cool watch, graphic tees, hot dogs, me in something pretty that’s not denim, and all the sports he can watch. After almost nine years of marriage we haven’t lost our sense of romance, it’s just taken on some different forms…
And now, here’s a snippet of budding romance from my debut novel, Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel, from chapter seven.
“Giovanni wondered why he was so affected by Mira’s touch, but it was more than just that. As they walked along together, among the trees and gardens preparing for their winter rest, Giovanni could smell a sweet fragrance emitting from Mira that kept him dizzy and off focus. Giovanni had never before enjoyed and adored the aroma of another person, but he simply couldn’t ignore the scent of Mira. As the day grew colder, Giovanni and Mira headed back toward the house and Giovanni remained puzzled by new sensations and emotions.”
Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel Copyright © 2013 Toinette Thomas
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Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel, by Neal James.

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