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2014 | Arvada, Colorado

48 weeks of family fun and educational learning ideas

Learning at home by Rhonda Cratty is a new parent resource, filled with ideas to help children become the best they can be. Daily activities for family fun, that make subjects become more than pencil and paper, moving learning into everyday life. Learning at home gives parents an idea a week to challenge and motivate children.  48, four per month, educational learning ideas that can happen anytime. Around the kitchen table, in the backyard, on vacation, everyday within the comfort of family, using objects found around the home and books from any library. Filled with tips for family fun nights, holidays, trips and every day ideas to raise lifelong learners. Each idea can work with multiple ages and needs within a family. Tucked in are lists of family friendly books, recipes, homework help and games to extend learning.
Learning at home can be purchased, in print or eBook format, through below are a few of the ideas addressed:

·         March #2-Share memories to improve comprehension          
 -March #4-Teaching to summarize                                         
·         April #1-Encouraging Critical Thinking                                 
-May #4-Basic addition and subtraction                                 
·         August #3-Card and dice games                                            
-October #4-Pumpkin math skills                                          
·         February #2-Writing skill                                                       
 -May #3-Backyard Science                                                    
·         June #1- Kitchen Paint                                                          
  -October #1-Autumn’s leaves                                                
·         June #4-Historical literature                                                   
-October #2-Higher order thinking                        
·         July #2-Family cooking                                                         
 -February #4-Following directions                                        
·         March #3-Potential and performance                                    
  -November #4-Crafty family  fun     
Rhonda Cratty includes her experiences of 30 years of public school teaching, raising children of her own, and articles written for on-line and hard copy publications -within the pages of Learning at home.
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