Monday, August 25, 2014

Alec Cutter and ~*~Emancipate My Life: Living a life of genuine happiness through the cultivation of humanistic values


In the year 2014, it is a very sad and humbling realization that we as a human family have struggled to create a world where good-heartedness and humility are the true underlying intentions of our actions, and the consequences of this reality are becoming more and more evident. Amidst such material and technological advancements in our physical world, we have simply failed to develop and educate at the same rate, on a global level, the most important qualities of our inner being - neglecting the cultivation of our most genuine and inherent humanistic elements that with them come the understanding of what it means to be good-hearted, holistic, and happy human beings.

Alec Cutter's Emancipate My Life is therefore a "humble offering to our human family" that delves to the core what it means to live a life of genuine happiness and carries with it the underlying aspiration of cultivating a future comprised of peace and good-heartedness deriving from his universal message of humanistic values and basic human goodness. Values such as compassion, humility, kindness, patience, etc., he argues are inherent to every single individual on earth and are the most essential elements of our interconnected human family. Through an unwavering positive outlook, Cutter puts forward this uplifting message with simplicity and universality; making his emphasis upon these values applicable to quite literally every sentient being on earth and thus allowing a brighter future seem like a genuine possibility. Through the cultivation of these inherently beautiful humanistic values, Cutter describes how these elements permit each and every individual to live his or her life beautifully and purposefully, allowing genuine happiness to become a true reality in ones life while at the same time becoming an integral piece of a more peaceful and good-hearted human family.


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