Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Wizard's Home Port (The Sea Witch Saga Book 1) By Carl Rhodes

A Wizard's Home Port (The Sea Witch Saga Book 1)


On a world with three moons, where the seas tides can rise by one hundred and fifty feet or more, and magic is real, Gods walk about, and death is swift. Elluween is a young woman in a world filled with Knight and Nobles vying for land and power. A land of supernatural creatures and monsters where mankind is in a near constant struggle for survival. How can she survive? She is a True Wizard.


Image of Carl RhodesCarl Rhodes has lead a life of service to others. In doing so he has met people all over the world. This has given him what some have called a different view of the world. As a child he never wanted to read till a teacher let him read about science, then science fiction and all kind of electronics. At four he removed all the door handles in the house and sold termite trap to the neighbors. He and his brother Mark build a Gemini Space Capsule using NASA control panel layouts drawings and sticks for switches.
As he has said of his writings: They are just figments of my warped imagination. Warped by thirty odd years of military and civilian service, odd jobs, the Society of Creative Anachronism, reading, gaming, and working with rockets, Missles, satellite, or computers systems.
My family, friends, acquaintances and working environment have helped deform my mind and drive me to write.
So read my books and enjoy the ride.
Oh, and good luck.

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