Thursday, December 18, 2014

THAT DAY in SEPTEMBER and Other Rhymes for the TIMES by LIZ LIME

Have you always written in rhyme when you felt the need to vent? 
No, not at all. At the time, I had been reviewing a recently published book of nursery rhymes, and as I was looking through the book the idea to translate my thoughts and feelings into rhyme began to take form. The origins of nursery rhymes, especially the old English classics, are fascinating to me. Most of the rhymes are politically motivated; Mary, Mary Quite Contrary – for example is believed to be about Mary Queen of Scots, and nothing at all to do with gardening. Ring Around the Rosy  a seemingly harmless child’s rhyme and playground game is actually referring to the Black Plague which ravished England in the 1600s.  READ MORE
That Day in September and Other Rhymes for the Times by Liz Lime is a perfect and fun Hanukkah present, stocking stuffer or grab-bag gift for every age!
From the playful teasing of shoe fashionistas, to more somber and thought-provoking themes, the messages in the rhymes from this first-time author are cleverly written and craftily disguised in the age-old style and beat of the English classics.
Praise for That Day in September
“Both entertaining and thoughtful, this book is a good choice for families looking to foster a sense of social conscience...bright and engaging, easy to read and a pleasure to hold and look at.”  ­–– Kirkus Reviews
An exclusive interview 
with Liz Lime
Recently, we sat down with Liz Lime for a lively look into the intersection she created between the world of children's nursery rhymes and her social commentary on the state of the world around us. Here's what she had to say.
What was the inspiration for the book?  
The banking crisis and the presidential debates of 2008. For the first time in my life, the adverse effects of a changing government, and the banking crisis had a direct effect on my life. Up to that point, my business was thriving, people were busy working, and I was getting ready to make major renovations to my house.  In 2009, when things started to go horribly wobbly for the country’s economy, I realized that the economic downturn wasn’t about to change direction any time soon.  I was actually shocked to find that I didn’t have the confidence to move forward with a home renovation loan, and I was really, really ticked off! I felt frustrated. I had so many opinions about so many subjects, but like so many others, I felt I didn’t have a voice, at least not one strong enough to be heard by those in power.
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