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My writing style is, Imagine youself sitting around a campfire deep in the mountains with a huge moon above. The mountain outlined all around while the story teller weaves a tale of adventure with a splash of fun as a pebble skips across the water.
I am a published author, writer, a wife, and a mother of three wonderful children. Wendy grew up in St. Paul, MN, and has lived at different points in her life in Minnesota, Texas, Idaho, Colorado, West Virginia, and Iceland. She currently resides in Michigan (USA). Wendy is an avid reader of many different genres; she love adventures; and devotes some of her time to being active in schools, the local library, and other community projects. She earned a BA in Geography concentration Urban Planning. Wendy began writing children stories in 2005 while living in the wonderful country of Iceland.

Currently spending time in my imaginary world with James and Syvok Adventures Working on my 4th one in the series and developing more adventures. I love my imaginary world. James Saves the Moon, Helga Returns, Tomfoolery and 13 Yule Lads of Iceland, New Moon Brethren.

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