Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M is for The Mummy and all MUMMY sequels!


All the MUMMY movie Franchises have played a really fun part in our lives, the action blended with the Egyptology is great fun and everyone of these movies brings warm and fuzzy mommy (or for those in the UK mummy) feelings. 


Our  son was born with life threatening food allergies to dairy, eggs and some tree nuts. He is still allergic and carries an epi-pen everywhere, but gets better every year. So being able to find Dairy free cakes (or bake them) as well as foods he could enjoy and that looked fun, was a big part of planning .
In his childhood party themes my son was certainly consistent and knew what he enjoyed as such we had several MUMMY parties and several PIRATE  parties, the only two themes he found enticing.
One of the venues that offered foods he could eat and allowed us to provide the Vegan cake is a local movie theater, and we were lucky to be able to have fun MUMMY  parties there. At home one year I bought wholesale toilet paper so the kids could wrap themselves as mummies, I do not recommend it for months I dusted and still found the white powder from the toilette paper everywhere!

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