Monday, April 20, 2015

Q is for The Quiet Ameican


Q as far as movie titles are concerned does offer slim pickings but as a Bond fan I could have gone Quantum of Solace, and there is no denying that Helen Mirren was beyond comparison in The Queen.

But the Vietnam War impacted me growing up, it started ONTHE YEAR I was born and ended when I was 16 years old. It was the war of my childhood and teens so I needed to include it. 

I am also a huge fan of Graham Greene's books and as such the choice was very fitting. 

The Quiet American (February 6/03)
Based on the novel by Graham Greene, The Quiet American - which follows a British reporter (Michael Caine) as he attempts to navigate the murky waters of 1952-era Vietnam - is surprisingly involving, and although it deals heavily with the politics of the time, the film is clear enough that even a viewer with the most minimal knowledge of the conflict will be able to follow along. Director Phillip Noyce does an astounding job of bringing us this dank and dirty world; Fowler's apartment alone is a masterpiece of set design...


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