Monday, April 27, 2015

W is for WAG THE DOG


Movies that have impacted me,  I am very keen on American politics and try to keep myself aware informed and conscious , I could have probably chosen political films and documentaries as a theme as well! WAG THE DOG is from 1997 right before the Monica Lewinsky  sex scandal in  1998.  This movie creates a fictional war with ALBANIA ( Note Robert De Niro is a proud Albanian in real life), As much as it is very passé and with todays technology it would not fly, it is well worth watching.  



Gazillion Movies Review : Less than two weeks before the elections the president of the United States is accused of sexual misbehavior. The white house summons the aid of consultant Brean (Robert De Niro), a brilliant intriguer and image-builder. Brean thinks up the ultimate scenario: he creates an even larger and better story and put on an imminent war between America and Albania, the fictitious enemy of service. To make this improbable story more credible, Brean goes to the flamboyant Hollywood-producer Motts (Dustin Hoffman) and his entourage to win some advises. Together they orchestrate a never seen global conflict.



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