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Forgive Me by B. L. Blair a Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tour

Leaving Emily was Mitch’s greatest mistake.  Can she forgive him?
Growing up, Mitch Carson had always dreamed of leaving Holton, Texas, traveling the world, and writing life altering stories.  As an investigative journalist, he made those dreams come true, but he left behind the only woman he ever loved.  That was his greatest mistake.  Mitch has returned home to see if she can forgive him for leaving her when she needed him the most.
In high school, Emily Fairview had fallen deeply, madly, and completely in love with Mitch.  The two of them planned a life together far away from Holton, but when Emily’s family needed her, she chose to stay.  Mitch chose to leave.  Fifteen years later Mitch is back and wants a second chance, but Emily doesn’t know if she can forgive him.

Return to Holton, Texas one last time to see if Mitch can get Emily to forgive him.  Forgive Me is the fourth and final book in the Holton Series but may be read as a standalone novel.

Contemporary Romance

Date Published: May 12, 2015



“Paul seemed pretty excited about that ad campaign,” Emily said after a moment of silence.

Mitch glanced at her and nodded.  “Advertising is his passion.”

“What?” she asked.

“His passion,” Mitch repeated.  “You know the thing he loves.”

Emily cocked her head and gave him a smile.  “I thought Rachel was his passion.”

Mitch laughed.  “Well, yeah, that’s a given.  But advertising is also a passion.  It gets his juices flowing.  He loves it.  You can tell.  I believe everyone has at least one passion.  It may not always be a healthy one, but everyone has to have something that drives them.”

“What do you mean?”

“Take Steven, for example,” he said to her.  Emily looked over at his brother.  “You know him pretty well.  What do you think is the most important thing to him?”

“Anna,” she said promptly.  “Well, and Mia.  And your parents, you, and Tori.”  She stopped and laughed.  “I guess that’s more than one thing.”

“No.  You got it right.  It’s family.  Steven has always been a family guy.  Has always wanted to be with his family, in his hometown.  That’s his passion.”

“Hmm,” Emily said thinking.  “Do you have a passion?”

“Sure, I have three.”

“Three?  What are they?”

He shot her a sly look.  “You tell me yours, and I’ll tell you mine.”

He hadn’t expected the sad look that crossed her face.  She didn’t respond.  He reached for her hand and squeezed.  “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t think I have a passion,” she whispered.

“Sure, you do.”  She shook her head so he continued.  “You’re passionate about computers.”

She thought about it for a minute.  “Not really.  I mean I like working with them.  I enjoy teaching about them, but I don’t think I can call it a passion.”  She paused.  “I really don’t have a passion.”

“Well, then, I guess we will have to find you one.”


B. L. Blair writes simple and sweet romance and mystery/romance stories.  Like most authors, she has been writing most of her life and has dozens of books started.  She just needs the time to finish them.
She is the author of the Holton Romance Series and the Leah Norwood Mysteries.  She enjoys reading books, writing books, and traveling wherever and as often as time and money allows.  She is currently working on her latest book set in Texas, where she lives with her family. 

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