Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Grave Injustice by Prudy Taylor Board A PARANORMAL WWII set in Florida, MUST READ!

A Grave InjusticeA Grave Injustice by Prudy Taylor Board
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The paranormal mystery A Grave Injustice by Prudy Taylor Board is packed with action, spiced with love and laced with a ghost or two. Corey Harris the female protagonist is deep and authentic. I personally love strong female characters; the kind that inspire as well as entertain. Corey Harris is that and much more, she is strong, wounded, flawed and yet perfect.
All of the characters have a feel of authentic, which when exploring into the paranormal is important, to open the mind of the reader to the possibility of ghosts.
As a Floridian and a WW II aficionado I really enjoyed the historical aspect of the story. I know the next time I visit Fort Myers I am sure to see it through different eyes, I had never thought of it as historical in the past.
The writing is fantastic, the storyline is rich and it was one of those books, I was attracted to by the cover. One of my favorite reads this summer. I bought the Hardcover from a mystery books store in South Florida.

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