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“Life must be a mixture of frugality and luxury.” -- Marilyn Whelan
Caviar Living is a hand guide of home-spun lessons from a life well lived. Marilyn Whelan shares her wisdom from how to connect with your community to how to play your mortgage like a game. 
With short snappy chapters Whelan gives us tips and tidbits on: 
·         Fun ways to teach your kids and grandkids about money
·         How to keep a clutter-free house – and why!
·         Creative ways to get a tax break
·         How to stretch a dollar on everything from real estate to creative vacations 
Part budget guide, part spiritual manual, and a whole lotta charm, Caviar Living is a lifetime of lessons wrapped up in this 98-pages of fun.

One of my favorite adventures was a month
I spent volunteering for the National Park Service
at Andersonville, GA. Andersonville was
the site of the largest prisoner of war camp in
the South for Union soldiers during the Civil
War. It is now a national park that includes a
museum devoted to POWs from all of America’s
wars. I was a greeter in the museum, helping
visitors look up their ancestors, and I sometimes
helped in the gift shop. My two days off
per week were spent touring the area. While
I was there, I stayed in a small cottage in the
cemetery. I was the only one on the grounds
at night. It gave me lots of time to reflect, and I
took several projects with me to work on. There
was no television reception in the area, nor did
I have Internet access.
My second-favorite volunteer location was
with Pueblo Ingles. This is a for-profit agency
that helps Spanish executives perfect their English.
For the Spaniards, it is a very expensive
program paid for by their employers. The program
does not accept participants who speak
only Spanish, because the goal is for them to
totally immerse themselves in English. Once
you are accepted into the program as a volunteer,
you work with program personnel to select
a date. If you’re coming with friends, they
work with you to offer a week to your party as
a group.

Marilyn Whelan has worked as a reporter, a district supervisor in a first time youthful offenders program, and President of Shoppers Critique International.  Her want is to die with something remaining on her bucket list, because when something is crossed off, something else is added.  

Marilyn currently lives in Clearwater, Florida, where she is Granny to seven, and Great Granny to three. She loves to travel and plays Mah Jongg twice a week.

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