Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Choosing my menu to say goodbey to the OLD YEAR 2015 and NEW YEAR 2016

I try to eat Twelve Grapes wear yellow underwear and sometimes to insure added benefits in the GOOD LUCK department I wear two pairs of underwear, (A different color of course). Superstitious? Who me? ABSOLUTELY YES! I love superstitions, Folklore and traditions; (not necessarily my own)... A few years ago I entered a small shop in Boca Raton, Florida. It was owned by a Danish man, it was New Year's eve; he knew me well I was a god customer. and my superstitious rituals that year included lighting candles of different colors; ( a bit like the underwear) to symbolize my wishes. As I said I was a good customer and the shop owner liked me; he even sold Chinese Money Candles,(which is admittedly a very superstitious thing to sell) but my superstitious nature that day seemed to offend him somehow. He was not himself at all; he decided to explain;

"In my native Denmark we have delicious fish dishes on New Year's Eve. My wife is Hungarian and she will not allow the Danish traditions because she says that in Hungary eating fish on New Year's eve means your luck will swim away."
I have nothing for our against Hungarians and I have never visited Budapest, but it is on my wish list. That being said, I did avoid eating fish on New Year's just in case the Hungarians were privy to something I needed to know! (I do believe that Denmark has had historically far better luck than Hungary). I also sometimes wonder if their marriage worked... A few months later he had to close his store and there was a lingering doubt in my mind... Did he win the argument? Did they eat fish? 2016 is going to be a BIG year in our home and as such I want to add to the LUCK factor, so I find myself wondering if I should avoid tempting fate and nix fish from our menu. I decided to Google what else I should do or avoid; what do people around the world know that I may have missed? Should I Throw furniture out the window? (South Africa) Bang Bread Against the wall? (Ireland) Talk to my pets? (Romania)... The dog might answer but I am certain Mordecai the turtle will remain silent




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