Wednesday, April 5, 2017

SONSPOT by ~ Mac asked for death. What he got was the complete opposite.

Guest post

Inception is an idea that gets to me. Ideas getting planted beyond the person s awareness. It s so wonderful how it really is a seed, and this seed grows. Why does that picture g o creepy in my head? Anyways, I can remember what I think was the inception of the idea for the plot line. Years before, one of my friends was seeing . He said that I had to walk through hell. I thought that was fortunate. He was also drawling patterns he saw on the wall with colored pencils. I also thought that was fortunate. Switching gears; six months into the apartment years , a couple friends of mine, two girls that were giddy witches together, had some insights for me. We grew close going to a music festival and everything that happens there. I became Tarzan that summer and they told me that Jane was somewhere out there. That was a gnarly summer, one of those summers where you learn a lot about yourself, an d wish you could draw those moments out for the rest of your life. Something like that anyways. Decisions were made that year. I laugh manically. What am I talking about here? I m kind a an all over the place guy . Now what about the idea for the ... This is the creative process ... I promise, it'll make sense. What about reading it? OR the style? I remember trying to read Dante s Inferno. My brain ... I read a few cantos and was like fuck, where s the spark notes? And then Andy came to my head. Mac was at a café, drinking coffee and spacing out through the window. He come to, and Andy is sitting right across from him. That s the part with the magic gum. Boom. A flood of images, the plot in clear fashion zooms forward to the poi nt where Mac and Ryan chew the magic gum and a zipper appears in the air. It unzips the fabric of our realm an d revealed the real world behind it. Mac walks into it and instantly the story took off from th ere. And then a whole lot of implications came through my mind that reset what even I was thinkin g about the fabric of our own reality. Do you think anything is real? Is there one thing, one thing at all that s real? That look in her eyes. That might be the only real thing is anything ever. That one last look before she was became separated and plunged into deepest darkest tiniest corner in existence. Shit like t hat ripples through lifetimes . Especially if your soul is made to sit and tumble around in the middle of the sun, watching the ripple of the first sin committed and the pulses of agony that seep up from Jane s cage. Numbers freak me out. After watching Number 23 with Jim Carey, I was like. . fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Expressions on both frequencies. Fuck s awesome like that. A large theme for the book was self-realization. But it always comes back to t hat. So in which case I ll say that a big theme for this book is metal music. It s like the back noise that sometimes explodes in your face; like anxiety.

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