Tuesday, May 15, 2018

SOLANGE RITCHIE signs FIRESTORM on SATURDAY, MAY 19 at 7p.m. #MurderOnTheBeachBooksoter

Solange Ritchie Signs Firestorm
Saturday, May 19 at 7 PM 
Despite the demands of a busy legal career, Solange Ritchie has achieved a successful writing career. Her debut thriller, The Burning Man, immediately garnered the attention of the media and fans. Solange serves on numerous charities and legal boards. She lives in South Florida.

FBI forensic pathologist Dr. Catherine Cat Powers and her young son, Joey, have been trying to cope with the emotional aftermath of life without Mark, Cat's ex-husband and Joey s father. Joey is especially vulnerable after his kidnapping by the Burning Man a year ago. But when a mysterious manila envelope arrives in Cat' s mailbox, a gift from a serial killer from Cat's past, she realizes that she and Joey may never be safe again. Signed: 15.99

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