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2HVØRHVNØT: To Have or Have Not by Jared K. Chapman Genre: Dystopian Superhero Fantasy, Horror


  • What kind of research do you do before you begin writing a book? 

I guess it really depends on the topic. For 2HVØRHVNØT, I didn’t really do much research on anything beforehand. But I did do plenty of research as I was writing. I’d come up with some outlandish idea and have to research to figure out how exactly it should be presented. I don’t want to say much more than that as to not spoil any of the book. 

  • Do you see writing as a career? 

Yes. I’ve decided that this is the career I’ve always wanted to do and now I must make it happen. I’ve waited too long and have so many stories to tell. But the only way to make it a career is to have readers who want to read what I write. I hope that will be the case because I absolutely love to build worlds and create stories within those worlds. 

  • Do you read yourself and if so what is your favorite genre? 

I read a lot. Unfortunately, it’s not always for fun. I read a lot of research articles as I work on my dissertation. When I read fiction though, I really want to escape. I tend to gravitate toward science fiction, science fantasy books. But I’ll read practically any genre if the story is good. 

  • Do you prefer to write in silence or with noise? Why? 

I cannot work in silence, but I find an even harder time when there’s a lot of noise. My happy medium is listening to the Vitamin String Quartet while I write. The music is familiar, but there aren’t any lyrics to distract me from writing. Worst case scenario, I just run fans for white noise. I really can’t work in silence… my mind just goes all over. No focus at all. 

  • Do you write one book at a time or do you have several going at a time?

I’m usually reading a few books on my kindle, a paperback, and something else on audiobook. 

  • Pen or typewriter or computer?

Primarily, I work on my computer. But sometimes I scribble things on paper. 

  • The advice they would give new authors? 

I waited too long to publish because I didn't have confidence in my work. Don't do that. You are the only person who can tell your story the way you want it to be told. So, write it and don't be afraid to show it to people. Also, don't have a big head about it. Be open to others' critiques, challenges, and changes they may introduce. Those ideas may help you more than you know. It's never too late to start. I'm 43 and this is my debut novel. I wish I had begun 20 years ago, but here I am now, and wishing only gets you so far. If you need help, there are people and companies out there who can help. I needed my confidence boosted and help on how to get published, so I found a program. Message me if you want to know about it. Otherwise, keep writing. Write every day. Only stop to send pages to the editor. Publish! 

  • Describe your writing style. 

Varied. Sometimes I outline. Sometimes I fly by the seat of my pants. Sometimes it’s a little of both. Sometimes I write in first person and other times in third. Sometimes I write in the present tense and other times in past tense. Whatever I do, however, I try to be as consistent as possible. But it all depends on the story I’m trying to tell. 

  • What makes a good story? 

For me, I want something familiar and relatable but different enough. I like it when ordinary people are thrust into extraordinary situations. I want to be engaged and feel like the author is speaking directly to me. Sometimes I want to be challenged, and other times I want to be handheld through the story. Most importantly, I want to be told something that I already knew but in a completely different way. If led there by surprise, even better. 

  • What are they currently reading? 

H.P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon because I really got into Lovecraft Country on HBO. Kurt Vonnegut’s 2BR02B just because. We are Legion (We are Bob) by Dennis E. Taylor, which was recommended to me by my older brother. 

  • What is your writing Kryptonite? 

My wife and kids. I love them, but they can stop the flow of my writing with just a whimper. 

  • Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want? 

I’m not really sure what readers want. I know what I want to read, so I try to write that. I hope what I like others will like. I think originality is important, but something doesn’t have to be 100% original to be good. It’s okay to build off the backs of others and present something familiar in an original way. That’s what I like to see and what I try to do.


2HVØRHVNØT: To Have or Have Not
by Jared K. Chapman
Genre: Dystopian Superhero Fantasy, Horror

Welcome to Fellowship City, where the Haves are super-powered, and the Have-Nots are just like you.

The Mighty have all the wealth, fame, power, and superpowers, but even they are subject to the monastery’s control. To maintain peace, telepathic monks see into the past, present, and future to police the other Mighty and the minority of powerless Citizens, who have nothing but their identity tags tattooed on their wrists.

Twenty-year-old Mario lives with his kid sister in one of the many camphouses on the island south of the city. Unlike the other citizens he stands in line with every morning waiting to be bussed to work, he actually likes his downtown job and the Mighty restaurateur who employs him. 

At least, he did.

This morning, the grisly, undetected murder of his boss changes everything. In a flash, Mario becomes the primary suspect and must race against time to prove his innocence in a world that oppresses the powerless.

Part READY PLAYER ONE. Part DIVERGENT. Part MINORITY REPORT. Totally Superpowered! 2HVØRHVNØT has fast-paced action, suspense, horror, and mature themes that are sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Jared K. Chapman is an author, filmmaker, and educator. He is a native Californian who spent his formative years at school in frigid Alberta, Canada with his father and summer vacation in arid central California with his mother. He holds degrees in psychology & religious studies and is currently a doctoral candidate studying the social psychology of extreme groups. He lives in a little oasis just east of Los Angeles with his wife and three sons. 2HVØRHVNØT is his debut novel.

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