Monday, March 22, 2021

The Beast Within by Nina Soden Genre: Interactive Urban Fantasy



I’ve read a lot of books throughout my life, and I plan to read a lot more before the end of my life. I’ve loved some, I’ve hated some, and I could take or leave some of them. I honestly can’t think of a book, which I’ve read, that I feel is a MUST READ for all readers.

What we like as readers is unique to each of us. I am sure there will be readers that love my latest novel, I am equally sure that there will be readers who don’t care for it or who could take it or leave it. I’m ok with that.

If you want me to try and convince you why you should read my book, I would say that chances are you’ve never read anything like it. If you read the Choose Your Own Adventure novels as a kid, like I did, then you’ll enjoy the format. THE BEAST WITHIN is an interactive urban fantasy novel. There are eleven possible endings and even more choices that you as the reader have to make throughout the story. If you want to be sucked in and invested in the story, and your choices, then I’d say it’s a great book to pick up.

If you like urban fantasy, pick up your copy of THE BEAST WITHIN, but if urban fantasy isn’t a genre you care for, maybe this isn’t the book for you. I do hope that either way, you’ll pick up a copy and help support me. If you like it, please leave me a good review on Amazon and Goodreads. If you don’t like it, pass it on to your nemesis. Either way, happy reading!

The Beast Within
by Nina Soden
Genre: Interactive Urban Fantasy

Austin discovered, at the young age of ten, that fairies aren’t exactly what the fairytales made them out to be and that blood tastes a lot like honey. Now, as an adult, he struggles to balance his public life with the one he’s so desperate to keep hidden. After a deadly camping trip and an unexpected connection, Austin tries to change his ways. Will he be able to keep his secret or will his world come undone? In this exciting interactive adventure, the body count is up to you. Are you ready?

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Nina has always been creative, be it art, theatre, film – anything but singing – you don’t want to hear that! She earned her bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Military Science from Eastern Michigan University where she spent most of her time either on stage, rappelling down buildings, or working one of three jobs. After college she moved to Los Angeles, like so many other actors, in pursuit of her dreams. Nina started writing short stories in 2008. Since then, her dreams have gotten bigger and she likes to think her storytelling ability has gotten better. She has done everything from secretarial work to business development to being the Director of a private preschool. She has fired a M16 machine gun, jumped out of a C130 aircraft, and given birth – TWICE - but she always returns to her art.
She has two completed series available; The Blood Angel Series (Awaken, Beginnings, Revenge, and Pursuit) and the SECTOR C Series (The Chosen, The Hunted, and The Bridge). Her latest novel, an interactive urban fantasy novel, The Beast Within, is a standalone story with eleven (11) possible endings and twenty-six (26) opportunities for the reader to try and change the story. The Beast Within is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and will be available for purchase on March 1, 2021.
Though she’ll forever be a Michigan girl at heart, she now lives in the south with her husband and two beautiful children. If she’s not working on her latest story, you can find her lounging with a good book, playing with her kids, or indulging in her unhealthy addiction to Starbucks coffee.

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