Wednesday, March 3, 2021


  • What is your writing process?

I like to have the theme of the story in my head, the question I am exploring, maybe a few incidents mapped out, and where I want the book to end. Everything else that happens in between the beginning and the end is where creativity happens for me. I tried to do one of those, “outline your book in 30 days!” things and all it did was extinguish any joy I had in the process. Blah! Now, I know to leave myself enough freedom for the characters themselves to come to life, and to help write it.


  • Do you believe in writer’s block?

I tend to let stories simmer if they aren’t coming to me and I’ll work on something else. As I let the idea simmer and settle into itself, I will compile a playlist that will be the book’s “soundtrack.” Building the soundtrack helps me think about the different elements I will want to explore when I’m writing the story.


  • If your book had a candle, what scent would it be?

It would be called, “Essence of Salt Sea,” as the scent of the salt sea is what entices Greenbeard to leave his garden of lettuce and carrots and take to the seven seas.

Greenbeard the Pirate Pig
by Andrea Torrey Balsara
Genre: Children's Adventure

Ahoy, my Piggywinkles! Sail with GREENBEARD THE PIRATE PIG as he sails the Seven Seas in search of ADVENTURE! With his ratty first mate, Snug Rumkin, Greenbeard sets sail on THE GOLDEN LETTUCE, determined to become a proper pirate!

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SAVE A FOX, is dedicated to the wellbeing of rescued fur foxes, these beautiful creatures are suffering at fur farms.

Most of the farmed foxes at SaveAFox are handed to them because they are sick, injured, or rejected, and therefore a liability or of no value to a fur farmer.

Mikayla Raines, founder / rescuer and her wonderful team are passionate about what they do and devoted to making a difference.

Their purpose is reflected in SaveAFox’s Mission Statement:
“To rescue and provide forever homes for captive-born, non-releasable wildlife.”

Balsara Boutique will be donating a % of proceeds raised from the Balsara fox series of pieces to Save A Fox.

Andrea Torrey Balsara is a Canadian children’s author and illustrator who writes and illustrates for ages 3 and up. She is involved with children’s empowerment, and works to create stories that not only make children laugh, but makes them think. Her latest illustrated book, GREENBEARD THE PIRATE PIG , is a whimsical adventure about a guinea pig with a dream.

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