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Emery Borka 
a fascinating and amazing person.
 I met him through  The Bridge of Deaths and was thrilled with his review.We are honored to welcome Emery at 4covert2overt in 33 days.

Steve SANTA Adventure Series


Steve SANTA Adventure Series by Emery BORKA

Steve SANTA and the Black Nobility
Steve SANTA and the Alchemist Berrichonne

Steve SANTA and the Missing French SS Charlemagne Squad
Steve SANTA and the Chouans

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My name is Emery Borka. I was born into a large Catholic family in the great car manufacturing city of Flint Michigan. I ran two paper routes, shoveling snow in the gruling Michigan winters of the 50s and mowing grass in the sweltering summers, so I was just one of the kids on the block. At the ripe age of 17, I took off into the wild-blue-yonder by enlisting in the USAF (something I have never regretted). Visits to most of the states of the Union, one year in Alaska (Cape Newenham and Sparrevohn), later Hawaii and Johnson Island to participate in Operation Dominic; the last Atomic testing in the atmosphere by the US in 1962.

I returned stateside to be married to a French woman and off to Europe and France. Yes, I have been lucky to be able to travel a lot, especially when I was a young man. Three years in the east of France, then honorable discharge and off to Nijmegen Holland for four years as manager of the Friden Technical Writing Department. Return to France to manage the CII-Honeywell-Bull 50 series Technical Writing department. Then I started my own communications company in 1974 and ran it until retiring in 2002.

The desire, the urge or even the need to write came early in my traveling life. Living in Holland, I already felt the desire to write about what I had learned about Europe and in particular, France and the French people. I also wanted to write about the "adventures" I had experienced. Retiring gave me the time needed to concentrate my efforts on what and how I was going to write. I also read a lot. I devoured "Harry Potter" as each book came out (some in French and some in English). "DaVinci Code," "Angels & Demons," "Deception Point," "Digital Fortress" and "The Lost Symbol" were all enlightenments to me. I consider these two authors to be my spiritual God Mother and God Father for my authoring activities.

I am currently living in China finishing Steve SANTA and the CHOUANS and gathering knowledge and information about the Chinese history, traditions and customs in order to start a series of fiction adventure novels about China and the Chinese people.

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中文版/Chinese Version

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I hope these few lines have given you an insight into what you can find in my novels. Below, you can click the cover of a novel to read a detailed summary of the book. Please note that I am "NOT" Steve Santa. However, Steve does resemble me in some vague way. You will not be reading "My" life but that which I "invented" for Steve. Please also keep in mind that these novels are based on some historical facts. Historical fiction is a careful balance between fact and fiction, and events may be exaggerated or completely made up for the sake of a good story. Except for well known historical facts, the characters, places and events in these books are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.

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