Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Dragonfly Saga Book 1: Green Pearl by Juliann Troi

A new book dynasty begins with the monumental novel, The Dragonfly Saga, Book 1: Green Pearl. A nation torn and bleeding: China, 1923, a once-glorious land is slowly being blown to pieces by revolution. Ruthless warlords have overthrown the divine Imperial system and claimed dominion, carving China up to satisfy their own selfish designs. Political intrigue and betrayal are the only rulers now. In the wrong place at the wrong time: Caught between two warring forces and taken prisoner, Kathryn Hopewell's life hangs in the balance. An impossible choice: To save Kathryn, the daughter of a powerful American trade lord, would cost Ty Wang his life. To let her die could ignite a bloody civil war that would destroy his beloved China. Destinies intertwined: Bound together by a love as strong as it is forbidden, Ty and Kathryn must overcome impossible odds to boldly embrace a great and terrible purpose that could ultimately change the fate of a nation ... and destroy them both. Follow the couple's amazing journey in the next book of the series, The Dragonfly Saga, Book 2: Sunrise in Kweilin. About the Author: Juliann Troi lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, with her husband and two teenage children. While her love of crafting allows her to express her creativity through art in all its forms, it is writing that gives wings to her dreams.
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Formerly an elementary school teacher, Juliann Troi turned stay-home Mom but soon began crafting and writing to maintain her sanity. She also became actively involved in charity work, even starting and running her own charity for a number of years. She has been able to turn her passion for crafting and writing into successful and satisfying businesses.
She continues to write and publish with her latest work being the epic Dragonfly Saga.

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