Monday, April 21, 2014

A to Z Challenge with the letter "R"

* just playing with words no message meant by this
Regarding R my mind was rushing from word to word from one idea to the next. Rich, rice, round, rescue, report were followed by remember and rupture; then came return.
The R words just rushed like a river  this was repeated several times. Rumbling rumors reducing reputations to remnants of what was.
Ridiculous reasons for riots rife with resounding recordings refusing to hush.
Rocks rusting, reaching remarkable heights. Recording repeating reacting. Revolting revolvers retracing the harm.
The possibilities for R seem endless to me. Rich and rewarding or rancid repulsive and rotting in time.
Of all the R words that I played with one stood out, it is RESPECT.

All images found through Bing search words by © M.C.V. Egan


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