Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The letter "S" for A to Z challenge 2014 Simply , Subtle & Surprising

Silly search for S

Serendipity is simply my favorite “S” word. The sound is suggesting something special I feel. The idea of chance, fate and destiny make me shiver and shake. Special surprises suspended ahead.

*Serenity is my second most favorite “S” word surrounded by silence and feeling so Zen. Suggesting a safety I feel in myself, some say it supposes a serious seclusion. Single and simple serenity’s shelter.

Singing so softly in a shower is a favorite S action and although swans are so beautiful the best creature for S is Spider or Snake.

© M.C.V. Egan 2014

*Short video  on Serenity found on YouTube from
 Fred Bouchal Films & Music - Youtube channel trailer - フレッド

I'm a french film maker & music composer. I live for telling stories, inspiring, uplifting & making you feel all kinds of emotions through my short films and music compositions. I hope my work will reach your heart & soul. Consider subscribing to always be up to date on my latest projects.

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