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A chat with a Reader ; Mary I met through her review of THE BRIDGE OF DEATHS

Today my guest is a READER which is of course the most important person to any writer. I met Mary through the literary community in Facebook and she read and reviewed The Bridge of Deaths. I have become friends with some of my readers and I find that I have learned and grown so much from them. Mary absolutely surprised me with her review, I sometime get readers who contact and ask questions as they are reading which is really interesting and fun for me, Mary’s stellar review just appeared on AMAZON one day and made me very happy. I was so thrilled when she agreed to be interviewed and I think that you will agree with me that Mary is fun and witty.
-Hi Mary aside from passionate reader  what would you like to let us know about you?
I am a 70 year old married woman from Georgia (USA). As a child I read whatever I could get my hands a teen I read Shakespeare, Homer, and Steinbeck for fun.  My reading style is more fun now although I do still enjoy the classics.   My children and my 6 year old grandchild are readers (the one year old...not so much..he likes books that taste good).
-I fell in love with reading at a pretty young age, I grew up in a house surrounded by books, but the magical I am hooked moment was surely at around the age of 10 and it was Nancy Drew, what was your reading journey like?
I also grew up with parents who were avid readers. As preschoolers my sister and I used to pretend to read and write...and we loved to hear stories.. and we memorized them..However, I credit the debut of my love of reading to my second grade teacher..Apparently she could not get me to sit still on at least one day.  She sat me in front of the class..(I was humiliated).....but she gave me a book of fairy tales .........the class disappeared as far as I was concerned !!  Since then I have read anything I can get .I have even read many cereal boxes !
-Do you miss old style paper books? Refuse to give them up? Or simply love the convenience of e-books?
Love paper books, LOVE the smell and feel of old books, love the library and book store.  Love the atmosphere of the Barnes and Noble Coffee Shop.That is really hard to get enough book cases (and suitcases) for all the books !!!   Of course I have started books on so many electronic devices that I may have defeated the purpose of E-books
-Do you belong to any reading groups? Or like me are you a lone reader?
Other than sharing on Amazon and Good Reads or Twitter, I am pretty much a loner.  I do try to pimp my authors on Facebook, but I am selective with my Facebook friends .
I try not to write a book report, but just tell what I think of the book although I notice that some others do tell about the book.
If I do not write a review about a book, either I have not read it yet, or it was not my type of book ( I like a lot of different books and I may tell what type reader I believe will like the book)   Only once did I write a review on a book before I read the last word......I understand that writers do not like I won't do that again................soooo a review might be late ...OOPS.. sometimes life kicks in !!
Aside from reading can you share any other hobbies?
I love camping and the beach ..especially if I can take the grandbabies ! Love to travel and love the mountains also. I do some sewing and crocheting
-I know your review stated that The Bridge of Deaths is a huge departure from your type of book, so tell us what genres do you prefer and why?
I enjoy murder mysteries and gothic romance (Mary Stewart, Victoria Holt type), I enjoy historical novels especially with a mystery, I do not read much military type books although I enjoy the theory and did enjoy a book about D-Day.  I have read research papers.. and written a few..Not my favorite
writing style,  but sometimes necessary to gain information .
However, I MUST tell how much I enjoyed The Bridge of Deaths !! It was very refreshing and I became totally immersed in the plot. I enjoy predicting endings, but I must say that it is difficult with all the twists in this story.  There is a little history, a little "paranormal", a love affair, intrigue, and more! Whatever genre you prefer. there is a lot you will love about this book. but do know that there is a lot of research shared. You can learn a LOT.
-In The Bridge of Deaths what character was your favorite?

I liked all three major characters.  Maggie was, of course, the dominant character, but Catalina played a major role too, with all her research.  Bill was the catalyst without whom none of this could have come together. 
-Do you think Maggie has a realistic message as a pacifist?
I have trouble understanding pacifists at best.  But I remember the war protesters from Vietnam and I met Quakers in England and there are the Amish. 
Maggie was a special person..but she was young.  It would be interesting to see her views after more life experience.
In my heart I know that I would do whatever it took to save my child, so I cannot see pacifism as anything but ambiguous.      I really have to admire an author (you) who can realistically portray what (to me ) is a moral and real dilemma
-How do you feel about psychics and past life regressions? Have you ever visited one or had any form of hypnosis? If not have you ever thought about it?
Not so much................However, I really enjoyed the way you did realistic.
I have thought about not believe I would be a good candidate...
 I could see myself fitting into a previous life just because I have experienced those lives  vicariously.
-The book is laden with must think and discern history, your review said that it was not an era you were versed in, what impacted you the most?
It was so REAL......I was there with the characters.. I regressed with them and then I felt the sling back into the present......dizzying !
I was in college before I learned about the war........but this build up to the war and the events in the story .......just put into the action.  I could feel the emotions and the events as if they were happening at the moment.
-Have you seen the movie Dead Again the book makes reference to or read books along the lines Many Lives Many masters?
No, but it did not detract from my reading experience.  Sometimes I do go back and read materials that are referenced in a book I'm reading.  Thank you internet search engines.
-Is there anything else you wish to add? How can authors contact you if you are up for review requests.
Thank you very much for allowing me this opportunity.
I really enjoy your writing style and your imaginative way of interpreting historical people and events.  I look forward to immersing myself in more of your tales.
Thanks Mary for allowing me to pick your brain and for all the wonderful plugging  of  The Bridge of Deaths .
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing !!!, April 11, 2014
I read the whole thing !
I do not normally read this type of literature, but Ms Egan made it so compelling.

This is the story of 3 people who are searching for answers about a plane crash before World War II.

They were not involves with the crash directly, but as you read about the stressors that drove them together, you begin to wonder what is real and just maybe it is not what you thought was real.

The story is written like a diary of a research project, rather than in a strictly narrative style.

I will definitely read more books by this author !!!

Thank you MCV Egan for sharing this tale.


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