Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ben Hinson and his projects including Chapters of Me ; Deep thoughts and ETEKA: Rise of the Imamaba


My name is Ben Hinson, and I am the product of many cultures and varied experiences. I have lived in Nigeria, Ghana, England and numerous locations throughout the United States. I am an author, poet, producer and strategy professional based in New York City. 
My current project, an action thriller entitled ETEKA: RISE OF THE IMAMBA is based on mercenary activity around the world during the Cold War era and the 1990s. The upcoming novel features 14 countries across the globe and fits within the historical fiction genre. You can learn more about this project by clicking HERE.
I encourage you to go through all the posts I have prepared on this blog, many of which speak to my upcoming novel. I've written overviews of the various countries featured, highlighted the various cuisines from these locations, included music from these regions and so much more! 

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