Thursday, July 23, 2015

MARTYRS by Alex Sands

Our biggest fears are true. Monsters are real, and creatures lurk in every shadow waiting to prey on the innocent. These are tough things for a child to find out, but when Will's grandfather dies he learns that it's his responsibility to deal with what goes bump in the night and his grandfather has a unique method to ensure he lives up to his duty. He soon discovers that putting his life on the line on a daily basis is just part of the job, but an unexpected encounter leaves his very soul at risk. As things begin to spiral even further out of control, the entire world is pushed to the brink of not only destruction, but damnation, and sacrificing just his life might not be enough to stop it.


Alex SandsAlex was born in 1992 with Autism, and began his deep interest in mythology and the supernatural at an early age, which he channels into his writing.

He lives in the UK, where he enjoys taking long walks at night to help him think. He began the Martyrdom series in late 2013 and has several other projects planned for when the series reaches its conclusion. He hopes to one day become a successful author, with his stories shared and enjoyed by readers of all ages around the world. He also hopes to be inspirational for other young writers with and without disabilities of their own.
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