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Intrigue, history and action,

David Lawlor’s A TIMEFOR TRAITORS has it all. Liam Mannion and his fiancée Kate are part of the IRA at a time during a truce that is not welcome by all. I absolutely loved this book. It reads like a fabulous Jack Higgins novel; with its own voice and a bit more history which I personally find makes this book that much better than a Higgins.

I learned few things Prime Minister Lloyd George and Irish leader Michael Collins that I did not know.  I love that, when a book entertains me and also piques my curiosity about historical figures to the point that I even lookup thing or two and find that it was historically accurate.

I learned a few words as the book is in British English from the vernacular of the era, which pulled me right in as a reader. The book begins in 1921 and takes the reader between London and Ireland for a full year. The narrative flows with ease and surprises abound. Once the traitors are revealed it makes perfect sense; but some of them I was truly surprised and did not see it coming.

It has romance, action and adventure. The characters are deep, as a reader you feel their emotions and root for the good guys; which is of course always a matter of perspective.  

The setting, the characters, the era the turmoil are a perfect backdrop to weave in traitors and this book does it beautifully. I wish I had more than five stars; this book is a most worthwhile read.

I believe that the story conveyed so much without having to use explicit violence and no explicit sex, while still making it all very real and believable. This book keeps you entertained and on your toes to the very last line.

It's 1921, and LIAM MANNION is embroiled in the murky world of informers and spies; the IRA has announced a truce, and the British and Irish leaderships are taking their first tentative steps toward signing a treaty.

Liam and his fiancee, KATE, are tasked with finding republican rotten apples, some of whom are intent on foiling the fledgling peace talks. For Kate, the Brigade Intelligence Officer, that means asking awkward questions of trusted allies – questions that reveal a traitor. For Liam, it means travelling to London and collaborating with the British police to find a killer.

As the search unfolds, a devastating revelation from Liam's past will make the hunt more personal--and deadly--than even he could imagine.


DAVID LAWLOR is an Associate Editor of The Herald newspaper in Ireland, David has written three historical fiction novels, Tan, The Golden Grave an A Time of Traitors, set in the 1920s during the Irish War of Independence and following the character Liam Mannion.

David is also a book editor - copy an content editing. Check out for further information.

Lives in Wicklow, Ireland, with his wife and four children.


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