Saturday, January 9, 2016

NEW MOON Jan. 9 Sa. 08:31 PM ☾ Dates of Moon Phases in 2016 Year

It is much easier to find traditions and superstitions for a FULL MOON than for a NEW MOON. I have always liked beginnings and prefer a waxing to a waning moon . I like growth; apparently in my Astrology birth chart the moon is growing, waxing so maybe that is the personal appeal .
January ninth 2016 is the first NEW MOON of 2016, I plan to attend a fun event at one of my favorite local places THE CRYSTAL GARDEN . I love New Year's resolutions. goals, them what you may mine are always made sometime after the first of the year; cleaning up after Christmas and New Year's takes up too much time! I try to coordinate it with my son starting school, but some years like this one it simply does not work.
So January 9th in numerology a 1  and a New Moon seems like the perfect day to BEGIN....


For Times VISIT  www.calendar-12/moon phases 2016



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